Ida V. & Forrest J. Brown

My grandparents, childhood, foundation

Wilma J. (Brown) Michael

My mom, teacher, mentor, everything

Always made from scratch... just like my mama taught me...

Culinary Arts Degree from School of My Mama's Kitchen

Our Story

The Upper Crust is a retail and wholesale establishment centered on the daily production of fresh, artisan breads. The company mission is to be a profitable and sustainable business with uncompromising quality and customer service. The desire pushing this business is to provide sustenance to Wauseon and the surrounding areas in the form of quality foods, revenue, wages, and charity so that sustainability and creativity will continually motivate and reward employees, customers, and small business counterparts area-wide.

Most importantly, the passion fueling the Upper Crust comes from a lifetime of appreciation for scratch-made food kindled by my ever-patient and present mother, Wilma J. (Brown) Michael. Growing up next to her in the kitchen, she taught me how to bake and to cook. But my favorite days were the days we made bread. It took all day and it couldn't be rushed, but the end result was worth the wait. To cut into that fresh loaf and see the butter melting in and the smiles on everyone's faces...that is love made tangible.

My mom learned to cook and bake from her mom, Ida V. Brown. My Grandma Brown lived next door to us just west of Pioneer, Ohio on County Road 10-50. Separated by only a corn field, my Grandma was my playmate from the time I was almost four until I was nine. She would let me loose in her kitchen and let me make up my own "recipes." No matter how my dishes turned out, she and my mother would eat them and claim they were delicious! God bless them for their constant affection and support!

All of Grandma Brown’s 13 children remembered her bread and rolls and they have given me the "family" recipe so that I can share her delicious bread with all of you! OK, let's be honest, Grandma did not have a recipe. But my aunts and my mother have combined to provide me with the insight and guidance to come as close as I can to her bread which is a staple at The Upper Crust. Just come in and ask for either a loaf or rolls of the aptly named, Ida V's!

Can't wait to see you and share my love for "the original comfort food" – fresh bread!